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Earth Week


See our exciting lineup of experiences and activities daily including earth meditations, planting tips, facebook live sessions with Tara, how to connect with plants and give love to mother earth;

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Starting Monday April 20th -Sunday April 26th: 


Use this link to see when the event takes place in your timezone: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com 

Monday, April 20th: 

10:30pm ET Facebook LIVE Interview with Tara

Getting started with Plant A Million & One Tree Planted partnership! Learn how to pledge, plant, record your data, host a PAM exhibit table at a community event and access the PAM resources for your events!

Tuesday, April 21st: 


Plant A Million Stories From the Field. Hear inspiring ‘tree hero’ stories from around the world !!

Plant-a-Million Stories from Around the World!

 Wednesday, April 22nd: Earth Day!

12:30pm ET Facebook LIVE Celebration with Tara

Join in raising the vibration of the planet with those around the world as we sing the song Love, Peace and Harmony together for 24- hours straight.


JOIN OUR 24 hour Singing for Humanity and Mother Earth. Find all details HERE

Thursday, April 23rd:

12:30pm ET Simple Ways to Positively Impact the Earth Now!

Earth Awareness, Appreciation and Action: making positive choices for the planet. Do you know your choices mean everything when it comes to the health and happiness of the planet? Learn how to bring a simpler, more mindful existence to your presence while still experiencing an abundant and vibrant life.

Friday, April 24th:

12:30pm ET Learn Unique Healing Benefits of Plants

Earth Awareness and Appreciation: Dive Deeper Into the Amazing World of Plants! From our food, to our clothing, to the air we breathe, plants support and nourish us in every moment. Learn the ABCs of plant anatomy, how to plant trees and seeds, their care, benefits to wildlife and water, and their power!

Saturday, April 25th:

12:30pm ET LIVE Love Peace Harmony Nature Meditation

Earth Connections: Experience tips and activities that help you develop a deep friendship and love with Mother Earth. Engage in nature meditations, earth walkabouts, writing love letters to the earth, and more!

Sunday, April 26th:

Plant A Million Partnerships – Do you know we have some powerful partners that have planted 1000s of trees and other plants towards our 1 million goal! Learn about their efforts and how you can bring more partners on board to make this planet healthier and happier, one plant at a time.

Learn About Our Global Plant-a-Million Partner: One Tree Planted

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How can you participate? 


Plant in your yard or local area during Earth Week!

Don’t forget to record your planting data HERE 


Make a powerful donation to Plant A Million to help us reach the goal of  20,000 trees planted by May 31, 2020!  We are partnered with One Tree Planted, an environmental non-profit focused on global reforestation. Together we’ll meet our mutual goals of improving the quality of life on Mother Earth, protecting biodiversity, and restoring imperiled ecosystems, one tree at a time.  How do you donate? It’s easy! Follow this link to make your donation, with $1 USD=1 tree!  At the end of this campaign we’ll send your generous donations  to One Tree Planted where they will take to the earth and plant trees!  As a bonus, you can even designate the location of where you want the trees planted (just tell us in the comments on the donation page)! How easy is that?

Want to know more about One Tree Planted? Check out THIS VIDEO!


Sing Love, Peace Harmony and record videos singing to nature throughout the week!


Share an image of a special tree or other plant you connect with, or a place on Mother Earth where you really feel at home.

Share your image with a story on Facebook and/or Instagram! 

We will share your story when you use the hashtag #EarthDay #PlantaMillion #LoveYouMotherEarth and tag @LovePeaceHarmonyMovement