Transforming fear and anxiety with love, peace and harmony for over 200 students

Master Venier Wong
Master Sha Tao Centre in Toronto

On Thursday, September 21, Master Sha Tao Centre and the Love Peace Harmony Group partnered with Central Toronto Academy to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace.

The Peace Day event was part of a larger pilot innovative project to bring the inspirational and healing message of love, peace and harmony into the school through various educational and community engagement activities. And, to showcase the power of Tao Calligraphy a new energetic and meditative art form that can create positive messages for health, happiness, inner peace, confidence, empowerment, and support in making connections and developing the potential and leadership abilities for young people.

Just as the concert was about to start, the school was urgently placed on a lockdown to ensure student and teacher safety following a reported stabbing at the school. (It was later confirmed that the attack occurred at a nearby park, but the injured students returned to the school premises for help.)

We were ushered and locked into two adjoining rooms for approximately one hour. Immediately, we applied Master Sha’s teachings and offered blessings through Divine Healing Hands, Tao Song and Tao Dance, and Tao Calligraphy creating a silent healing field to serve over 570 students and 50 teachers in lockdown.

Fear, stress, and anxiety were very high. Within a few minutes, students began entering our room and some were brought in by teachers to help allay their stress. As soon as they entered our room, the students reported that they could feel the change in energy, and that they felt calm and less anxious.

When the lockdown and crisis was over, permission was given to resume the Peace Day event outdoors. As helicopters were hovering the school grounds, with media and police investigations still taking place, the event proceeded.

An aboriginal artist played a sacred drum and opened the concert with an important spiritual message of peace and healing. Musical and artistic talents were showcased as music students played lively powerful beats on plastic drums and art students painted murals of angel wings on the main school doors. An international graffiti artist sprayed a big peace symbol on the school grounds.

The Love Peace Harmony Ensemble led by Master Sher O’Rourke sang the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony and powerful Tao Songs for healing, inspiration, and joy. Certified Tao Calligraphy Teacher, Master Nina Mistry, created three Tao Calligraphies—introducing the power and to launch a pilot project to bring Tao Calligraphy into the school curriculum.

Our Tao Song and Tao Calligraphy performances helped to transform and restore peace and calmness, from a very intense, high anxiety, and imbalanced situation, to a peaceful and happy state. Over 200 students responded with an open heart and joined us in tracing Tao Calligraphy and singing “We are the love.” At the end of the event the youth reclaimed their space and took over the stage with an unplanned high energy and happy school anthem that they had created. This truly demonstrated the power of Tao Song, Tao Calligraphy, and the soul song Love, Peace and Harmony.

The concert marked an important day to bring students, teachers, and community partners together to create community together and to celebrate, honour, and promote an awareness that greater peace is required in our city, our country and the world.


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