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Covid Healing of Doctor and His Family

“Love Peace Harmony” Helps Family with COVID-19 to Recover 

My friend was unaware that he contracted Covid-19 from one of his colleagues. By the time he tested positive, his wife and two of his children, ages 6 and 3, had also contracted the virus. We had Zoom meetings so that I could serve them with Love, Peace and Harmony. They are now virus free.   

His eldest daughter did not contract the virus, and in spite of everything, she went off to attend a university in Ireland. At the university, some of the lecturers and students got the virus, but she did not contract Covid-19. She continues to sing Love, Peace and Harmony everyday for her safety. The whole family is happy for all the blessings they have received. They continue to thank Master Sha on a daily basis. 


– Patricia Jadoo