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Community Service in Ecuador

Geanina Arevalo comes from a long line of humanitarians. She recalls growing up watching her grandparents serve the community in their small town in Ecuador. When folks had to get to town, were looking for prayers or needed just about anything, they were able to knock on her family’s door for help. “My family lived in the countryside,” she said. “People would go to my grandparent’s house when they needed healing or church assistance or to find a doctor.”

Throughout the years, Geanina’s family continues to serve the community in numerous ways. Her brother Rene serves as the representative of the network of trails in the province of Bolivar and is in charge of the opening and maintenance of the trails near their home and has been working to protect the mountains and resources by keeping mining out since the country’s diverse habitat hosts some of the most exotic geography in the entire world. He maintains a sustainable income for small, isolated communities by conducting mountain bike tours through these beautiful passages.

Geanina does her part by working on helping Rene to plant as many trees as possible in the area through the Plant a Million project, which is sponsored through the Love Peace Harmony (LPH) Foundation. The LPH Foundation has goal is to plant one million trees around the world, an initiative started in 2018  to uplift humanity, help restore nature, and benefit all life on Earth. Her family was instrumental in the planting of 4,000 trees in Ecuador this past year with a goal is to plant 5,000 more by the end of the year.  

Geanina’s father works closely with the indigenous communities in the Amazon after a long career in politics. He raises pitaya, or dragon fruit, in the jungle. Her aunt and cousins are into bees and honey production. Her mother plants berries and an uncle grows coffee and cacao.

Geanina’s family members are also involved in helping the local communities using the teachings of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Her overall vision for Ecuador is to train more people to use the Love Peace Harmony field — a field that has the frequency and vibration of love, forgiveness, compassion and light. The Love, Peace and Harmony song is played on the different family plantations.

“It’s simple to start with the song. When people start listening to and singing the song, they see changes in their homes and communities, Geanina said. “My dream is to get it into all schools and hospitals.”

Geanina believes that these simple teachings will help ease the suffering that goes on in her country, including the suicide rate for youth ages 11 to 18, which is extremely high. The kids in the countryside are required to go to high school in the city; and many of them are poor, don’t have nice clothes or food, and are shocked by their new surroundings. “These kids are ashamed of themselves,” Geanina said. “Their families live on $100 a month and you need at least $500 a month or you get bullied.”

She’s been working with the kids to help them focus on gratitude and to appreciate the things that they have in life. “Getting them in nature and not placing emphasis on material things like a Playstation is making a difference,” she said.

About 300 kids, who are a part of a soccer league, participate in weekly singing sessions of Love, Peace and Harmony. One 14-year-old was experiencing anxiety attacks, Geanina explained. After playing Love, Peace and Harmony in her household 24 hours a day, the anxiety subsided and she was able to sleep and not be afraid anymore. “The kids have learned to use the song to help their families, their pets and when they’re not personally feeling well,” she said. Rosa Soliz is responsible for keeping this group going in the biggest city in Ecuador. A Love, Peace and Harmony player was placed in the area that the soccer kids frequent, and now the area is not dangerous and the kids can walk home safely.

Geanina has distributed players to hospitals and clinics and the song is being shared with first responders — including police, fire and transit workers. Kids and adults alike benefit from the song, she explained. They were also distributed to the Leprosy clinics.

In addition to using the Love, Peace and Harmony song and player, Geanina utilizes the Love Peace Harmony Tao Calligraphy Field (LPH TCF), which is the Source Oneness Field of Transformative Art. The field can transform health, finances, relationships and every aspect of life. Geanina is a LPH Tao Calligraphy Field Representative for Ecuador and used her LPH TCF to help her family, including her beloved Grandmother who suffered with deep cuts on her legs when she fell down.

Geanina’s beginnings with Love, Peace and Harmony occurred when she was having personal health problems and her sister introduced her to Master Sha’s teachings. She visited Hawaii to learn more and immediately felt at home,  she said. “In Hawaii, my frequency was high. I felt so light. It felt like I was meeting my family.”

Geanina’s personally learned lots from Love, Peace and Harmony, including the practice of forgiveness, and has witnessed miracles since being exposed to Love, Peace and Harmony, so it’s no wonder that she wants to spread it around. “It’s absolutely magical,” she said.

Her cousin had a tumor in his liver and was experiencing excruciating pain. His pain was gone and he was able to sleep again. Her Dad’s cancer was healed with the help of Love, Peace and Harmony. “If I hadn’t had these bad situations, I wouldn’t have seen how it worked,” she said. “As I share Love Peace and Harmony, everyone is going to be happier and healthier.

When shifts are seen within people, especially children, it fills Geanina’s heart with joy. Her passion is helping people and making people happy.

Geanina’s family recently experienced a miracle when her brother Rene was in a serious car accident when an oversized truck drove into the middle of the road and hit him. “It’s a miracle that he’s alive,” said Geanina, who added that family and friends gathered together to sing  Love, Peace and Harmony in honor of her brother and to help facilitate his healing. “He won’t be able to walk for six months, but he’s alive. It’s been miracle after miracle.”