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Chinese New Year


An ancient Chinese teaching emphasizes the precious opportunity that the divine timing of the beginning of the year can offer as well as the early start of the day can offer.


yī nián zhī jì zài yú chūn,


yī rì zhī jì zài yú chén.

The literal translation means that the best time to plan a successful year is in the spring. The morning is the best time to plan a successful day. Creating your goals, intentions, priorities, action plans, and visions of the new year in the beginning of the spring is the key to bring great success of the whole year. Setting goals, intentions, action plans, and creating visions of the day in the early morning is the key to bring great success of the whole day.



You are invited to make any of these statements your goals, intentions, priorities, actions, and visions of your day every morning to create a fulfilling day and every spring for a rewarding year of beautiful service and powerful transformation.



  • Be the beacon of light of Love Peace Harmony, give hope to the hopeless.
  • Be the strength of Love Peace Harmony, lend a helping hand to pull someone out of the darkness of despairs.
  • Be the inspiration of Love Peace Harmony, show the world that we honor the interconnectivity of all life including animals, plants, forests, and humanity and we respect the diversity and difference among all.
  • Be the joy of Love Peace Harmony, bring lightness, laughter and smile to people who are in pain and suffering
  • Be the ambassador of Love Peace Harmony, bring kindness to whomever is in need.
  • Be the fire of Love Peace Harmony, bring warmth, passion, and welcome to any disconnection.
  • Be the bridge of Love Peace Harmony, bring healing to any separation.
  • Be the genuine presence of Love Peace Harmony, act with Love Peace Harmony, speak the language of Love Peace Harmony, and think in Love Peace Harmony.

You are setting yourself up for the best and most successful year in 2020 because every day you are living in Love Peace Harmony.


Author: Hui-Ling Lin