Chanting “Greatest Love” helps to maintain peace and calm during and after natural disaster

Santa Barbara, California, USA

In the middle of the night, around 3 am, my husband and I awoke to thunderous rain drenching our small Santa Barbara neighborhood. We commented how strong the storm was becoming as we laid in bed listening. In those minutes between the calm and the chaos, I began a chanting meditation.

I was introduced to Dr. Sha’s chanting for world peace through the work of Lilan and Mark Smyth. They taught me about the power and high-level frequency and vibration of the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony during their weekly Love Peace Harmony Group chanting sessions in downtown Santa Barbara. At the last session I attended in December, Mark had given me Dr. Sha’s new book, Greatest Love. Reading this book, I learned the power and significance of chanting Da Ai (which means Greatest Love). Greatest Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.

It was chanting Da Ai that carried our family through this natural disaster. I closed my eyes and with as much transformative love as I could put forth began to chant Da Ai specifically to the rain. I chanted until the moment the situation became heightened, so heightened we had to get up.

Suddenly around 4 am the night sky turned a daylight hue and we ran out into the rain. We discovered that a gas main had ruptured and in the distance we could see fire. As we hurried down our driveway, we were met by our tenant. We heard huge rocks moving down the creek behind our cottages. As we stood in the rain trying to comprehend what was happening, I felt utterly calm. God, or an angel, told me during my chanting that I would be okay. My husband was just as calm.

As we stood in the driveway, the situation became worse. The sound of moving rocks turned to louder sounds of cracking and twisting. My husband directed me and our tenant to get inside. It was not long before my husband returned to the cottage. After several minutes and the end of the twisting noise we returned to the driveway. With flashlights, we could see mud and water hugging the cottage closest to the creek. Visibility was a challenge.

Once the sun cast its glorious light, we used a back route to enter my in-laws’ property next door. We propped up a ladder on their cement wall to look at our street. Our driveway was not passable. A tree, the size of a car, as well as other debris littered the area. When we climbed the ladder and stood on the wall we were in shock. Almost everything around us was gone. Entire houses had been swept away. Phone and electrical poles were down and wires were everywhere. Houses across the road were gone, the house across the creek from us completely destroyed. It was hard to recognize anything. Neighbors had ended their life journey and where now on to their soul journey. Upon surveying, my husband described our cottages and my in-laws’ house as a small island being hugged by an angel. I believe Da Ai saved the lives of our tenants and families.

I chanted Da Ai as a walking mediation on and off for many days. I also moved the Greatest Love book with me to areas of our home during the first disaster which was fire. I traced the Tao Calligraphy with my finger a few times well ahead of this.

The situation was a reminder of the impermanence of all. Whilst there were shocking moments (we were having a human experience), we were not upset at nature for going about its business. Some of what we had been working toward during this life is an illusion. This spiritual lesson is a tangible understanding that true happiness is internal. One needs absolutely nothing to be happy … the car, the house, the movie, you name it … is a distraction from the truth.

We must do more and give more out of love to others. We must be in continual service to humanity as LOVE is the only way. LOVE transcends all! The middle way is best. God told me directly to remain of loving service to others in this life. Project love, be love, we are love. We must work on this every day so we are prepared for our last day. Give more LOVE to all of creation, all the universe.