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Heart Touching Stories

When we join hearts and souls together to sing Love, Peace and Harmony, we magnify the power of the human spirit and its ability to transcend, transform and triumph to create miracles.

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Love, Peace and Harmony and Nature

Gloria Kovacevich September 8, 2015 A number of years ago I had contacted Master Marilyn because of a persistent ant problem in my kitchen. She taught me how to do Soul Communication with them about how to bring Divine Light to their home. They were attracted to my home because of the Divine Light presence. […]

Heal World Violence

In 2010 my sister, Master Patricia, traveled to one of the worst slums in the world with a goal: to bring the Love, Peace and Harmony movement to an area of the world suffering from poverty and violence. There she taught the Love, Peace and Harmony soul song along with Master Sha’s Universal Forgiveness Practice […]

Love Peace Harmony in the Slums of Mumbai, India?

People always ask me, “What made you think the Love, Peace and Harmony soul song was needed in Mumbai, India?” I had the honor and privilege of working three years in India. And everywhere I went, and later when my sister Marilyn joined me everywhere we went, we always brought the soul song Love, Peace […]

Love, Peace and Harmony Changes Anger to Compassion

Maddie, a student in Australia, shared this great story of how Love, Peace and Harmony transforms: I have a lady who has been attending my Master Sha Soul Healing group for the last 2.5 months. Last night she shared how much the Divine Soul Song of Love, Peace and Harmony has been transforming her life. […]

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