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Heart Touching Stories

When we join hearts and souls together to sing Love, Peace and Harmony, we magnify the power of the human spirit and its ability to transcend, transform and triumph to create miracles.

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International Day of Peace Celebration in Sydney

In Sydney, the Tao Healing group held a flash mob with choreography, musical instruments and chanting to celebrate International Day of Peace in September 2016. The group started in Hyde Park by the historic Archibald Fountain and then walked hand-in-hand on the streets to Pitt Street Mall. At Martin Place, the group continued chanting with […]

International Day of Peace Celebration in Melbourne

In Melbourne, the Tao Healing group honored International Day of Peace by hosting a celebration at a park with chanting, a picnic, arts and crafts, Tao Calligraphy and meditation. Love Peace Harmony performers celebrated the day with the joy of song and dance.

APEC Learning Center Preschool in Atlanta, Georgia

Claudia Thompson shares: I have been volunteering closely with a preschool called APEC Learning Center. They have Love, Peace and Harmony playing in all of the classes. The teachers say it calms the students. She has four year olds singing. The directors of APEC have nine after school care programs, and I am working to […]

Chanting Love Peace Harmony at United Nations in Honolulu

In Honolulu, a team from the Tao Healing Center was invited by the United Nations Hawaii-Honolulu chapter to chant Love, Peace and Harmony at the Hawaii Pacific University Aloha Tower Marketplace in celebration of United Nations International Women’s Day. All participants received blessings along with a CD.

Love, Peace and Harmony on the Chanting Channel

Led by a team from Vienna, students from across Europe and other countries meet weekly on the Chanting Channel to chant Love, Peace and Harmony for the world. Led by Master Kirsten Ernst, more than 200 people join hearts and souls together to chant and meditate, creating a powerful field of potential change. Students attending […]

Research Project with Charitable Organization in Delhi

Since October 2015, Soul Healing India has been working on an on-going research project with a charitable organization in Delhi. The organization supports 40 low-income children with physical and emotional challenges, including hearing impairments, muscular and physical difficulties, and cognitive impairments. The research project involves the following: Chanting Love, Peace and Harmony for 15 minutes […]

Love, Peace and Harmony: Best Vitamins in the World

Rachna Virmani August 4, 2016 The Love Peace Harmony team in India led a free meditation for underprivileged children at Gandhi School in Calcutta. They taught Love Peace and Harmony to more than 150 students and faculty members there. The response was one of excitement and joy. The children appeared to have more peace inside […]

Love Peace Harmony Loveraiser in Toronto

Steve Reiss August 3, 2016 The first Love Peace Harmony Loveraiser in Toronto was a historic event filled with soul inspiration, music and community-building. The event began with social networking that brought community change-makers across Toronto together to share their projects, ideas and dreams in the spirit of love, peace and harmony. This was followed […]

Spreading Love, Peace and Harmony at an Assisted Living Facility

Master Ximena Gavino July 15, 2016 Once a month, our Love, Peace and Harmony team visits an assisted living facility in Honolulu, Hawaii. Residents there require extensive medical support. On our second visit, 15 residents gathered in the big community room. Initially, the residents’ level of awareness and participation varied widely. Many were distracted by […]

Love Peace Harmony Concert

Master Venier Wong July 1, 2016 The Love Peace Harmony Ensemble representing Master Sha Tao Healing Centre Toronto held its first outdoor live performance on Canada Day on July 1, 2016. Thousands of people came to the Canada Day celebration with families, friends and community members to share, have fun, celebrate and meet others. Through […]

Playing Love, Peace and Harmony in the Classroom

Rosamund Palmer March 14, 2016 As a high school teacher at a high-needs inner city tech school in Toronto, I teach culinary arts, which was called domestic science years ago. Today students just call the subject cooking. Many of my students have experienced some form of trauma, which has created mental and emotional challenges in […]

A Blessed Transition

Lynne March 2, 2015 Last year, my dear aunt transitioned. She was in the palliative care unit of a large hospital in the Toronto area. The day she died I received a soul message: Upon awakening, she would be leaving that afternoon and I should be by her side. I hurried to the hospital and […]

Forgiving and Healing Your Family

Geho Gold July 23, 2015 I have been working with a new client for the past three weeks. I taught her the forgiveness practice and Love, Peace and Harmony. She was in a lot of turmoil with her relatives. She has been practicing daily. She has been telling me each week that she even falls […]

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