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Heart Touching Stories

When we join hearts and souls together to sing Love, Peace and Harmony, we magnify the power of the human spirit and its ability to transcend, transform and triumph to create miracles.

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Community Service in Ecuador

Geanina Arevalo comes from a long line of humanitarians. She recalls growing up watching her grandparents serve the community in their small town in Ecuador. When folks had to get to town, were looking for prayers or needed just about anything, they were able to knock on her family’s door for help. “My family lived […]

Peace Day Colouring in the Park

Tuesday, September 21st is World Peace Day, an opportunity to create awareness of the power of Love Peace and Harmony to harmonize relationships with everyone and everything. It was a beautiful day to gather picnic tables, put out material and markers, bingo dabbers to make Peace Flags and colour in colouring sheets with the message […]

Hawaiian Airlines Volunteer Serves Afghan Evacuees with Love, Peace and Harmony

Cherilyn Moloney, a flight attendant/purser with Hawaiian Airlines was honored to volunteer to serve the Afghan evacuees, as they were transported to temporary facilities  throughout  the U.S. mainland.   She felt blessed to have an opportunity to serve these people and to bring them to a safe haven. “When I watched the unfoldment on the […]

Transforming a Hawaii Neighbourhood

Students received words of praise, certificates and a swag bag after completing a 10-week course where they were immersed in the teaching of Love, Peace and Harmony. Diane Fujio, one of Master Sha’s teachers, led the group through the teachings of Love, Peace and Harmony and shared how it could enhance their practical interactions in […]

Serving Kids with HIV in India

Smiles flash across the faces of the kids at the Sparsh Balgram organization as they sing Love, Peace and Harmony. These youngsters didn’t have a lot to smile about prior to finding refuge in this safe haven. Some of the children have no parents. Some of their parents had AIDS and died. Relatives didn’t want […]

28th Annual Nagasaki Peace Ceremony

The Sound of Peace Reverberates Forever The United Nations Association of Hawaii 28th Annual Nagasaki Peace Ceremony was held on August 9, 2021, by webcast from Honolulu Myohoji Mission.  A stellar program of interfaith clergy, government officials, and community leaders of Hawaii and globally included special messages that touched hearts and generated inspiration and hope. […]

Miracle of Water Through Love Peace Harmony

  I live in the basement of my family home. One day my father came by and told me that there was no water. I was surprised because I had just turned on the tap and the water was running. I went upstairs to check, and there was no water anywhere, not even in the outside […]

Earthquake Tremors Avoided

My fish suddenly jumped out of the aquarium during a friend’s visit. We managed to save all of them but didn’t understand why this had happened.   My closest neighbors and family members called to ask me if everything was fine since an earthquake had just occurred. My friend and I didn’t feel the tremors although […]

Release of Trauma of 51/2 yrs child

Young Boy Recovers from Trauma with the Help of Love Peace Harmony A boy who experienced the ordeal of a robbery at his grandparents home suffered severe trauma. His grandparents were beaten up and the boy’s mother found him covered in his grandmother’s blood. After the incident, he was sad, terrified, angry and couldn’t sleep. His studies suffered […]

Covid Healing of Doctor and His Family

“Love Peace Harmony” Helps Family with COVID-19 to Recover  My friend was unaware that he contracted Covid-19 from one of his colleagues. By the time he tested positive, his wife and two of his children, ages 6 and 3, had also contracted the virus. We had Zoom meetings so that I could serve them with […]

Love Peace Harmony Healing Miracle for My Sister

  After receiving the Love, Peace and Harmony calligraphies about a year ago, I began conducting regular weekly sessions. I would always request for my sisters to receive what was appropriate for them. My youngest sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and started chemotherapy. Miracles happened. She hadn’t even finish her first round […]

Emotional Freedom

Love Peace Harmony field sessions conducted daily by Master Jaya Tiwari and Nikhil Talreja have helped me immensely to release my negative emotions. I was able to release suppressed emotions and found myself more emotionally balanced. These internal shifts have created more peace in my home.Tracing the Tao Calligraphy gave me instant relief for my […]

A Healing Resource for Teachers

“Love Peace Harmony” Helps Students and Teachers Deal with the challenges of Online Learning Lately, I’ve been hearing from teachers and parents about their struggles with increased stress, uncertainty and the challenges of virtual learning. I love sharing self-healing and wellness resources, so when I heard about the work of music teacher Helen Chan, I […]

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