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Love Peace Harmony Foundation Blog

Hawaiian Airlines Volunteer Serves Afghan Evacuees with Love, Peace and Harmony

Cherilyn Moloney, a flight attendant/purser with Hawaiian Airlines was honored to volunteer to serve the Afghan evacuees, as they were transported to temporary facilities  throughout  the U.S. mainland.   She felt blessed to have an opportunity to serve these people and to bring them to a safe haven. “When I watched the unfoldment on the […]

28th Annual Nagasaki Peace Ceremony

The Sound of Peace Reverberates Forever The United Nations Association of Hawaii 28th Annual Nagasaki Peace Ceremony was held on August 9, 2021, by webcast from Honolulu Myohoji Mission.  A stellar program of interfaith clergy, government officials, and community leaders of Hawaii and globally included special messages that touched hearts and generated inspiration and hope. […]

How do you prepare yourself – your soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter – to go out to share unconditional service and co-create miracles?

Answers Listen with our hearts and souls. Listen consciously. Feel gratitude for everything, including our challenges, as we learn how to resonate empathically with suffering. Be with the suffering, stay in service. When we can be present and not succumb to that suffering within ourselves, we will have a greater possibility for unconditional service during Mother […]

Francisco Quintero about Love Peace Harmony Foundation

I wish in 2020 that you will go deeper within your heart and soul and discover your true purpose of service. By Francisco Quintero I have been on the spiritual journey for over eighteen years now with Dr. and Master Sha. Each year has filled my heart and soul with love and light that has […]

Pave the Way for Your Love Peace Harmony Room

  …by using your Tao Wisdom skills   I love the opportunities I have to encourage and mentor everyone to be Love Peace Harmony-in-Action and take action locally. “Love what is!”  We can all use this same concept to spread Love Peace Harmony Rooms. Think Globally, Act Locally. No matter what is going on around […]

Master Sha’s World Tour 2020 of Service to Humanity – Olelo Community Media TV

The Love Peace Harmony Foundation had an exciting start into the year 2020. Olelo Community Media TV As part of his community outreach, Master Sha is spreading Love Peace and Harmony on “The Radical Self Care Movement Show“ on Olelo Community Media TV, Oʻahu’s non-profit community Public, Education, and Government access provider created to empower […]

Master Sha’s World Tour 2020 of Service to Humanity – Kahauiki Village, Hawaii

Love Peace Harmony Foundation supports the after-school program at Kahauiki Village, Hawaii. Our founder brings Love Peace Harmony healing art to formerly homeless children and mothers rebuilding their lives.   Master Sha made the first outreach trip of his World Tour 2020 to Serve Humanity. He joined the Kahauiki Village after school program to teach […]

Master Sha’s World Tour 2020 of Service – Camp Palehua

World-renowned healer, and founder of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation, Master Zhi Gang Sha, lead volunteers at a gathering at Camp Palehua, to teach Love Peace Harmony healing practices, and to offer blessings for their good health and happiness. Auntie Lemomi Kealoha had a powerful experience of the benefits of Love Peace Harmony for managing […]

Love Peace Harmony Rooms

  56 Love Peace Harmony Rooms are serving around the world. This means that there are Love Peace Harmony Fields being created in 11 different countries, serving 8 different languages. Each of these connects to the Universal love Peace Harmony Field, bringing higher frequency and vibration onto Mother Earth.  We offer you this moment of silence to connect heart […]

DA AI – a tribute to Love

Upon the death of Ram Dass: A TRIBUTE TO LOVE, the most profound love anyone of us could feel, the Love we each feel when in the presence of Love. We bow to this Love and to the manifestation and expression of Love in one another and our Teachers, now and always. I would like […]

Chinese New Year

  An ancient Chinese teaching emphasizes the precious opportunity that the divine timing of the beginning of the year can offer as well as the early start of the day can offer. 一年之计在于春, yī nián zhī jì zài yú chūn, 一日之计在于晨 yī rì zhī jì zài yú chén. The literal translation means that the best […]

FROM ONE TO ONE MILLION, thank you Plant-A-Million participants!

  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead   On behalf of the Love, Peace, Harmony Foundation, THANK YOU! More than ever, the time is NOW to raise our hearts, our voices, and our hands to […]