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Master Sha’s World Tour 2020 of Service – Camp Palehua

World-renowned healer, and founder of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation, Master Zhi Gang Sha, lead volunteers at a gathering at Camp Palehua, to teach Love Peace Harmony healing practices, and to offer blessings for their good health and happiness. Auntie Lemomi Kealoha had a powerful experience of the benefits of Love Peace Harmony for managing pain.








After visiting the enlightenment tree, we had a gathering with members of the Native Hawaiian community. This session was facilitated by one of our Native Hawaiian volunteers, Malia Davidson. Our founder, Master Sha, and the Love Peace Harmony volunteers, lead everyone to sing the Love Peace Harmony song together, in English and Hawaiian, and offered Love Peace Harmony Blessings for the health and well-being of each person there. Auntie Lemomi Kealoha, who had a stroke a few days earlier, received special blessings. She said it was like Chinese New Year fireworks going off inside her as she felt the power of the blessings explode within her. 

Here is what Lemomi wrote today: Aloha just letting you know my doctor follow up went well. My heart, liver, kidneys, BP are 100% is clear. Thanks to all the blessings that was given to me. By each and every one of you beloved Masters. Thank you Master Sha, for those huge blessings I have received from you yesterday and all of the Masters. Thank you!!!

Wait it get’s better I went on the weight scale I stood up straight and I am 232 last year 2019, I weigh 280. I asked my doctor that I need do physical therapy to get me walking again. Letting you all know I am on my way to recovery. Thank you Divine, Master Sha, and all Masters.

I love you, Da Auntys.

From Aunty Leimomi Re yesterday’s blessing