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Become a LPHF Field Facilitator

LPHF Field Facilitators have become a symbol of peace and love, spreading the message and vibrations through the field made up of Tao Calligraphy and Tao Song of Love Peace Harmony. We have reached over half a million people with our sessions (in 2022) and envision the field reaching many more this year. These LPHF FIeld Facilitators bring the wellness experience of the LPHF Field out into their communities offering free service, bringing communities together in transformative experiences.

Tao Calligraphies

A LPHF Field Facilitator becomes the custodian for a set of Tao Calligraphies which represent Xiang Ai (Love), Ping An (Peace), He Xie (Harmony) created by our founder, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha.

Tao Calligraphies carry a high frequency and vibration field to boost the power of the sessions. They create a powerful, positive transformation field for in-person groups, as well as online groups.

The calligraphies are designed to be shared with communities, bringing their uplifting vibration where it is needed most. They have been used worldwide in places such as hospitals, schools, shelters, and more.

Would you like to become a LPHF Field Facilitator in your community?