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Australian Love Peace Harmony Road Trip

Nicholas, Danielle and Beau Giannasi


We have given away everything and moved into an old converted school bus to travel the east coast of Australia to spread the Love Peace Harmony Movement. Our goal is to have a minimum of 100,000 people pledging to sing Love, Peace and Harmony by end of their trip.  We created a presentation that uses the latest scientific research to explain how collective meditation can create lasting peace, and with the added dimension of the sound and message of one song, we truly have a genuine solution for world peace.

The response has been overwhelming when making presentations and leading meditations at yoga studios, health centres, organic cafes, in people’s homes, and more; potentially establishing four ongoing weekly Love Peace Harmony Meditation Groups.

One thing we have learned so far from this journey is that people are good. People are ready for change. People are caring and the evolution of human consciousness is coming in fast. This truly is an amazing time to be alive.

“A wonderful family who are travelling the country sharing their passion, their love and skills to bring about world peace. Watch out for an event near you!”

“A magnificent demonstration by a dedicated family to serve humanity unconditionally.”