a horizontal and blurry visual of colors displayed in the background. starts with yellows and greens, progresses to red and finishes with blues and purples.

A Healing Resource for Teachers

“Love Peace Harmony” Helps Students and Teachers Deal with the challenges of Online Learning

Lately, I’ve been hearing from teachers and parents about their struggles with increased stress, uncertainty and the challenges of virtual learning. I love sharing self-healing and wellness resources, so when I heard about the work of music teacher Helen Chan, I wanted to spread the word. Helen, a music teacher in Toronto, Canada with more than 15 years of experience, has been helping both teachers and their students in creative ways through the power of music. She incorporated the Love, Peace and Harmony song into her teachings to help ease the stress during the pandemic.
She first introduced “Love, Peace, and Harmony” to her choir in January 2020, and later to the rest of her school. Word quickly spread as teachers are always looking for creative ideas to use in their classrooms, especially with the increase in virtual learning. Through a teachers’ forum, she began working with different teachers ranging from kindergarten through grade 8. Geography didn’t matter as long as the teachers had Internet access and were willing to host a guest performer to sing the song.
Helen uses the song to support well-being and mental health. The class sings the “Love, Peace and Harmony” song daily for 10 minutes. This calming song has been translated to 51 languages and Helen sings it in English, Chinese and Hindi.
Love, Peace and Harmony helps students to be more in touch with their emotions, how they’re feeling, and how they can quickly change how they feel. This is a powerful skill set and tool they can use to help them in all aspects of their lives.
At 11:11 a.m. each day, her students make a wish as they send love, peace, and harmony to themselves, their friends, their family, and to everyone and everything around the world. Helen asks the students to make a wish and explains that miracles can happen if they believe.


– Helen Chan, Toronto