A Blessed Transition

March 2, 2015

Last year, my dear aunt transitioned. She was in the palliative care unit of a large hospital in the Toronto area. The day she died I received a soul message: Upon awakening, she would be leaving that afternoon and I should be by her side.

I hurried to the hospital and when I reached her room I started playing the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony. She was not conscious but her soul recognized the frequency and vibration. Her body calmed down and her breathing was less labored. The music was just loud enough to be heard in the room but within minutes staff members began coming in. First a nurse, then a doctor, a social worker and more nurses. Each one commented on the beauty of the music and how “calming and peaceful” it was.

Two people also asked about the books in the room, as I had put a circle of Master Sha’s books there a few days before. They both said that they had picked one up when they were on duty and read most of it, and did I mind? "Absolutely not, I am happy to share the books and the music,” I said.

The head nurse said it would be great if they could get a copy of the music and play it on the floor for everyone, staff and patients. They wanted to know where they could purchase it. I excused myself and went to the car to get CDs for everyone and some books. When I handed them to the staff, they were really touched. As I sat with my aunt and was joined by other family members, Love, Peace and Harmony continued to play. She transitioned that afternoon and the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony was an incredible blessing for everyone.