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28th Annual Nagasaki Peace Ceremony

The Sound of Peace Reverberates Forever

The United Nations Association of Hawaii 28th Annual Nagasaki Peace Ceremony was held on August 9, 2021, by webcast from Honolulu Myohoji Mission.  A stellar program of interfaith clergy, government officials, and community leaders of Hawaii and globally included special messages that touched hearts and generated inspiration and hope.

The program opened with the playing of Hawai’i Pono’i, Hawaii’s State Anthem, Kimigayo, the Japanese National Anthem and the Star-Spangled Banner, the American National Anthem.  This musical prelude of the three anthems signified the unity of three points coming together to uphold 76 years of peace between Japan and America through Hawaii’s bridge of forgiveness.  President and Founder of the International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation and U.N. Chair of the Anti-Racism Initiative, Audrey Kitagawa shared an uplifting and hopeful future that supports human rights in a world free of nuclear arms.

A noted highlight was the moment of silence at 11:02 am in remembrance of the 1945 bombing of Nagasaki.  Joanne Tachibana, U.N. Hawaii Chapter leader and organizer of this event, spoke about the irony of this act that was done the day after the United Nations Charter for Peace was signed by the United States president.  Moving and reverent, the ringing of the Myohoji Mission’s bell by each guest speaker on behalf of themselves and their organizations demonstrated their commitment to uphold peace.

The song Love Peace Harmony was shared by Diane Fujio, Co-Director of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation.  Diane told the gathering of esteemed leaders and webcast viewers that Peace can happen when we hold the message of Peace in our hearts, thoughts and actions all the time. Aligning the three hearts of America, Hawaii and Japan to bring the strength of peace in unity with all, her singing the song in English, Hawaiian and Japanese was a perfect closing to this ceremony.

As we continue to sing Love Peace Harmony, the message of Peace will vibrate forever.