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An Exciting Itinerary : The Journey Begins in Charming Paro

Our itinerary for Bhutan is so exciting!

This incredible journey begins in Paro, Bhutan. The five of us will travel for over 20 hours from different parts of the world to meet in Bangkok and from there board our flight for the kingdom of Bhutan!

Paro is a historic town with many sacred sites and historical buildings scattered through the area. It is also home to Bhutan’s sole international airport! Paro international airport is 6 km from Paro in a deep valley on the bank of the river Paro Chhu. With surrounding peaks as high as 5,500 m (18,000 ft), the airport is considered one of the world’s most challenging airports, and only a select number of pilots are certified to land at the airport. Flights to and from Paro are allowed under visual meteorological conditions only and are restricted to daylight hours from sunrise to sunset

According to Lonely Planet Paro’s main street, only built in 1985, is lined with colorfully painted wooden shop fronts and restaurants, though these appear under threat as the town grows and multistory concrete buildings continue to propagate.

I am excited to explore the charming town of Paro with the team. My research shows Paro remains one of the best Bhutanese towns to explore on foot and is worth an hour or two’s stroll at the end of a day of sightseeing!

Our very first stop on day one is the National Museum in Paro. Learning a little more about the culture, heritage, rich traditions and history of Bhutan is important to better appreciate and understand the heart and soul of the nation and its people.

The National Museum is a round building said to be in the shape of a conch shell, with 2.5m-thick walls. It is home to precious exhibits like impressive collections of thangkas, both ancient and modern, depicting Bhutan’s important saints and teachers, as well as fearsome festival masks grouped according to their tsechu dances.

As we take in the sights, sounds and vibrant experiences  Sande Zeig will be capturing every majestic moment on camera! Sande is one of Master Sha’s certified Master Teachers and well-known filmmaker is part of the 5 people team traveling to Bhutan.

Together with Sande, we will create short videos of our experiences in Bhutan and post it for all of you as we continue our travels.

From Paro we travel to Thimpu for the last stop of the day, a visit with her majesty the Queen Mother of Bhutan Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck. The Tarayana Foundation was founded by Her Majesty The Queen Mother and formally launched on 4th May 2003, by His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the then Crown Prince of Bhutan.

The mission of Tarayana Foundation is to maximize happiness and harmony among all Bhutanese people by providing opportunities for life improvement to the vulnerable communities in Bhutan.

By helping community members learn and integrate new skills, Tarayana Foundation promotes self-empowerment and the importance of serving each other. Their motto is service from the heart.

The difficult terrain and the scattered nature of Bhutan’s communities make it very challenging for many communities to access social services and markets. Tarayana Foundation with its focus on grassroots development lends itself well in serving the small and remote communities, one community at a time.

Click here to  read more about our collaboration with Tarayana Foundation. If your heart and soul want to support this worthy cause and the Love Peace Harmony foundation offer us your social reach by clicking on any of the social media button on this page!

In the next blog, you will meet another team member and find out what happens on next! Stay tuned.


With love peace and harmony,



11 Replies to “An Exciting Itinerary : The Journey Begins in Charming Paro”

  1. Wow ! This is so wonderful Master Firuzan, Master Sande and team. Looking forward to read your journey and experience with Buthan community.

    Love, peace and harmony,


  2. Thank you for sharing your journey to Bhutan . Looking forward to all your wonderful experiences Master Sande & Master Firuzan.

  3. Every blog I read my heart expands in joy and happiness for all that you are sharing and all I see you all offering to learn and appreciate such a beautiful and loving culture as you venture forth touching hearts and touching souls between one another Thank thank you thank you

    • Dear Shawna, thank you from my heart for your beautiful light-filled comment. The team, all five of us are so excited everyday we make plans about the education programs we work and finetune our plans to be sensitive culturally. To open our hearts more deeply to learning and understanding their lives, their day to day needs is most important for us. Please send prayers for us to humble ourselves so we may truly be of service. love you so much

  4. Can i come and carry the bags 🙂 This will be what they say ” An experience of a lifetime and one that may never be repeated” ENJOY beloved Masters and Students. WOW – this is incredible.

  5. My soul will be exploring with all of you and chanting LPH 24/7 ! I wish I was with you . Even though we are not together , but we are one , we are together . Wishing You greatest success and bring lots of good news with great photos !

  6. Thank you master Firuzan and Master Sande! I love your sharing of picture and journey with us. I enjoy reading it. I wish to be there with all of you. Great service. have fun!

  7. Love you all the team going to Bhoutan. Thank you for this universal service. My heart is with you in the Himalayas, supporting you everyday. I will hold you in my prayers, so you can bring the maximum to all souls. Love you. Thank you

  8. Wow Master Firuzan, I am excited just reading your blog, it will be amazing if we are there with you. We will be soul travelling with you. Love you Love you Love you.

  9. I am so grateful That the LPH organization is actively supporting the world in such an amazing way. Thank you to all the efforts behind the scenes to all those who are orchestrating the bigger picture to bring Love Peace Harmony to the world.