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108 Buddhist monks enjoy singing Love, Peace and Harmony

Master David Kaplan
Master Zelagh Damara
California, USA

Master David and Master Zelagh visited the Buddhist Monastery that Master David had built in Pharping, Nepal, located one hour outside of Kathmuandu. The primary purpose of their visit was to open the hearts of the monks with a simple chant that could connect them in a very unique way to a state of peace. After learning the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony, they experienced immediate benefits.

The head Rinpoche said “when singing this song, we all felt warm and immediate energy” and “after finishing my PHd in Buddhist studies, I realize that this song is what everyone should be learning, regardless of ethnicity or religion, because it is so peaceful yet energizing.”

The monks absolutely loved every moment of it and made a promise to sing it every single day and to teach it to whomever visits the monastery, which is thousands of tourists a year.

Here are some quotes from some of the participants:

“We really loved it.” – 9 year old

“We want to sing it all of the time.” – 18 year old cook

“It just makes you feel so good and strong.” – Principal of school

“The song represents everything that monks are learning and wish to represent in our lives.” – 34 year old